Cole Williams is Masterful
"Cole is the voice of change we need bridging the gap for youth and parents with adverse backgrounds."
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Cole is more than just a dynamic speaker
He is an agent of change that is affecting change
on a grand scale."

For the past 15 years, Cole has successfully walked alongside youth, families, and systems to pave the way towards improved outcomes for all. Cole understands the impact that shared language and understanding can have on youth, families, systems and communities.  He currently works directly with family services systems from across the state (juvenile justice, child welfare, etc.) to provide parenting education, youth empowerment opportunities, youth/family engagement strategies, cultural responsibility across systems, and other training and support for youth, families and those that serve them. Mr. Williams also provides high level, sought after workshops and trainings that are rooted in a culture of care for system-serving professions who engage and provide services to system-involved families.

Mr. Williams was appointed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2021 to serve on the Michigan Juvenile Justice Reform Task Force and subsequently Cole's recently been appointed and is honored and proudly  serves on the Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justice in 2022.

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Success Stories
Williams has utilized experience with his own fatherless childhood and adolescence, becoming a single teenage father, reuniting with his biological father, to help others realize their dreams through his lived experience.
Attendees that participate in Cole Speaks Sessions and power seminars leave with a sense of empowerment that serves them long after the sessions have ended helping thousands of parents in Kent County and surrounding areas abroad. Join the movement today.
Staying Present
Find out how countless parents and officials move from dreaming to doing and stay present in the lives of youth enabling them to directly impact at risk youth and parents exiting incarceration.
Breaking Barriers
Imagine leaving a conference feeling like you have a secret power! Become part of a movement that is trailblazing today by using group conversations & active listening with youth, and young adults. Be bold, break barriers with Cole Speaks now.
Self Reflection
Through honest and frank conversations and workshops provided by Cole hundreds of youth counselors and activists are making huge impacts in the lives of youth in the underserved inner city and surrounding Communities. 
Be mindful and find new answers to old issues. Being a parent is about more than simply being a physical protector and guardian. True mindfulness rests in both the physical and emotional guardianship of our youth.
You’re looking for a speaker that won't just share inspirational stories, because being inspired is an emotion, and emotions are always in flux and changing.

You want your attendees to have something to take away from this experience. You want...
Inspiration + Application