A list of our proud partners including: KPS Kentwood public schools, Samara Thomas foster care, MDHHS, our communities children, Michigan department of health and human services, Muskegon recovery and restoration, community partnership a system of care
My Mission is to provide supportive services to families and professionals utilizing a holistic approach. Cole Speaks |ColeSpeaks.com

Proactive Partnerships

Cole Williams mission is to create proactive partnerships that place parents front and center as the main solution to the challenges their families encounter. Cole believes that through renewed education, meaningful supportive services and advocacy, real change can be achieved – and sustained.

Family Engagement

As a father, and 15-year professional family consultant, Cole Williams is committed to providing family engagement training and consulting to professionals, in the child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health, and criminal justice systems.

Innovative Approaches

Cole personally understands the overwhelming challenges that families face as they try to navigate an ever-changing social landscape. Cole is passionate about finding innovative approaches to societal challenges at the local and national levels. That’s why he believes it’s imperative that system-serving professionals move toward an accessible, culturally responsive, family-centered approach when engaging families with system involvement.

About US

Who is Cole Speaks?

Cole Williams is the CEO and Founder of  "The Delta Project" as well as “Son To A Father” and "The Fatherhood®" Cole is also a professional Speaker for his Company “Cole Speaks”, a program that works to empower and restore relationships between teens and their parents using lived experiences.

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Cole WIllims speaks to a diverse group of people #colespeaks
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Our work..

Cole’s most recent work has been dedicated to providing Fatherhood training, support, and materials for the Michigan Adolescent Pregnancy and Prevention Program (MI-APPP). As well as penetrating the culture of the Kent County Juvenile Detention Center, where he provides life skills and leadership training to incarcerated youth.

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Cole Williams using Son To A Father workbook to reach at risk youth #colespeaks
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Cole Speaks Videos

Cole Speaking to a group at Justice ColeSpeaks Real Conversations about Implicit Bias | Boys and Young Men of Color
April 17, 2023

Implicit bias has a pervasive impact on Boys and Young Children of Color, affecting education, healthcare, and the criminal justice system. Interventions like the IAT can help reduce its effects, but systemic racism and inequality must also be addressed. The Black community can create change through initiatives like My Brother's Keeper and Black-led organizations, and it is up to all of us to create a more just society.

Cole Speaking to a group at Justice Teaching inside Kent County Correctional I See Youth Chasing Shadows
April 17, 2023

Children need love, support, and guidance from their parents and their communities. However, when parents are absent or unable to provide these essential elements, children are at risk of falling through the cracks and ending up in the criminal justice system. It's time for us to take responsibility and show up for these children before it's too late. Let's work together to create a community that values and supports our youth, so they can thrive and avoid the cycle of incarceration.

Cole Speaking to a group at Justice Change Happens When People recognize that Change needs to Happen
April 17, 2023

As children grow and develop, they may encounter challenges that cause them to act out or disrupt. But how can we, as adults, recognize these signs and be agents of change to support them? Cole Williams offers valuable insights and strategies to help us become more aware of the behaviors and underlying issues that may be affecting Boys and Young Men of Color. By taking the time to listen, understand, and support these youth, we can create a brighter future for them and our communities.

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