Here’s what people are saying about Cole Williams:


"Founder and Director, A Father's Walk single dad ministry" - Matt Haviland

"I have had the pleasure of working with Cole on several occasions, the most recent in featuring him as a plenary speaker at our 2016 Grand Rapids "Focus on Fathers" conference. Cole's dynamic speaking and naturally captivating personality and presence always make him a sure hit with any audience he speaks to. He is knowledgeable, transparent, and extremely articulate. He can relate with almost any audience regardless of social or cultural differences. Cole is also a great friend and I am quite blessed to know him."

Rosalba Ramirez- Pre-College Programs Coordinator at Calvin College

"I highly recommend Mr. Cole Williams as a speaker. We can always count on Cole to motivate and encourage the students participating in our programs at Calvin College. Whether you have a group of twenty students or ninety students, Cole Williams will not disappoint. As a guest speaker in our Pre-College programs, Mr. Williams presents himself as an energetic and talented motivational speaker with a God given ability to connect with our participants. He easily engages students from various backgrounds with a high standard of professionalism and grace.As a staff member on Calvin’s campus, I have personally had students confide in me that Cole motivated them to keep believing in themselves.  Students would leave your event believing that they are important and that they can succeed in life. Contact him, he will be the highlight of your event."

Shanda Vaughn, M.A. Master Facilitator

"Cole Williams has the uncanny capacity to educate, empower and inspire those he serves; youth and adults.  I have worked with Cole for several years and his passion to empower his clientele is resolute.  He is intentional, transparent, empathetic, relevant and relational all while fostering a caring and safe experience for clients." 

Benjamin Rosa- Criminal Justice Chaplaincy Case Manager/ Community Relations

"Cole is very passionate about his work with fathers and children. He is a man of high integrity and professionalism that provides first class services to individuals or groups. His work with our organization, Criminal Justice Chaplaincy is top notch and will only expand in the future."

Tina Kilgore - Kent County Family Court, Probation Officer

  "Cole demonstrates that he is just as skilled when it comes to working with parents as with youth. The Parent Evolution Project is one of the most powerful parent workshops that I have been to in the twenty- four years that I have worked with families. I have witnessed parents arriving angry to Cole’s parenting classes. He demonstrates that he is able to use his expertise to verbally de-escalate situations when a mom is tearful or using a harsh tone to get her message across. I have witnessed people arriving to groups tense and leaving with a smile due to Cole’s truthfulness about the struggles that he has encountered as a parent." 

 Hillary Turner, Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program Coordinator, MDHHS

"Cole has an innate ability to connect with fathers, and mothers, to effortlessly convey the important role that fathers and father figures play in the lives of their children. His commitment to strengthening families is reinforced by his current role in working with incarcerated youth and their families. Unequivocally, Cole’s dedication and passion for supporting fathers is unmatched."