Son To A Father 12-Week Program for Incarcerated Fathers

This is a 12-week, 2-hour program, designed to help incarcerated fathers improve and re-build their relationships with their children after years of separation due to incarceration. This workshop series is facilitated by a father and his two young adult son's. It's a moving and revelatory series of workshops and conversations that explore a man’s journey through fatherhood. The Son to A Father program is provided at Ionia Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility for incarcerated fathers in the State of Michigan.

This program is focused on empowering incarcerated fathers:

  •  Develop skills to be more involved and supportive
  •  Improve communication with their children
  •  Become more self-aware of how their own experience has impacted their own behavior
  •  Establish a plan to reconnect with their family upon release



               Father and Son in Class

"I am always amazed at my son's gift with engaging fathers." - Cole Williams